September 2, 2019

Walking onto a new path This summer opened new doors for me, doors that I’d been waving hello to but refusing to explore any further interactions.  Doors that extended open arms to me, but I’d choose to continue faithfully trekking the paths that kept me safe for years.  This summer was determined, in every way, to take hold of my existence and introduce me to the prelude of the life I have longed to create and live out since I was a college student, dreams of becoming a travel photojournalist.   It reminded me of who I have always been and helped me tap into the confidence that I allowed to lay dormant as a result of fear.  Walking into the door that unconditionally opened itself up to me was the best decision I could’ve made, because here I am now, doing what I have always loved to do—share myself with the world as I travel within it.   When your plans end up having a mind of their own Visiting Tulum a second time around was not what I expected.  For months, I prepared to use this trip to create so much content, since my first trip was for pure relaxation.  Summer break had just begun and I was determined to jump head first into the very thing I’d waited so long to execute.  Well, my plan turned its back on me.  This second time around, I ended up enjoying myself so much so, content creation was tertiary.  My two priorities: eat well and fully relax, unapologetically. I mean, how can you blame me? Tulum like a never ending spa. The city is coated in lush palm trees, rhythmic waves crashing the shore to cleanse the sand, beautifully constructed concrete buildings everywhere with pastel colors painted as the primary color scheme, and easy-going natives who carry no concerns in their presence—simply enjoying the little things.  I had no choice but to oblige and accept this trip for exactly what it was, a vacation. I can’t express how much I love Tulum and everything it represents.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend planning a trip there—it is an inexpensive getaway that is filled with rich culture, food, activities, and people.  Planning is amazing—but spontaneity is what truly brings life to all experiences.     With love, Jasmine Umenyi